article photo 22 July, 14 2021

Dune: House Secrets - language edition


 Pre-orders for German Edition of Dune: House Secrets will open later this year. The game will be available with all of the presented pre-order bonuses, translated to German. Other language Editions will come out in 2022 - we will announce them after singing the contracts with local publishers. 


Feonnor 2 years ago
Since the retail version is listed as pre-order on different shops, the obvious question is where we can pre-oder the game including the bonuses (german).
Fabian Klein 2 years ago
Dear Portal Games, can you tell use the status fo the German Edition? Will there be a Pre-Order with all the bonuses as mentioned here? Will the normal german version be available in Essen next week? Can't wait to have this wonderfull game in my Hands <3

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