article photo 40 August, 05 2021

The pre-order campaign sold-out!


The pre-order campaign for the limited edition of Dune: House Secrets that took place in July 2021 sold-out. If you missed the campaign you may still pre-order the retail version of the game at the Portal Games stores. Dune: House Secrets premieres on October 15, 2021. 


Geee 2 years ago
Wasn't around for the limited version due to life & death things, and I have to say, missing out on exclusive gameplay content is really sucking the interest in the game right out of me.
m 2 years ago
please consider printing additional copies of the limited edition, or selling the additional/upgraded components separately
This sucks... 2 years ago
Was excited to find this game...but missing out the "limited" version made the choice of not ordering quite easy. Really disappointed.
Niiiik 2 years ago
Finding out that you cannot purchase the limited version lost my interest in buying this game.

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